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Sandie Matthews

Sandie Matthews Founding Director and personal health coach of the Jivana Yoga Health Retreat Greymouth. Sandie began training in the Science of Yoga and preventative medicine in 1965.

In 1975 she was awarded a scholarship and diploma from the International Yoga Teacher Training Association in the Science & Philosophy of Yoga. Since 1978 Sandie has specialized in personal health programs & educational seminars nationally and internationally, training students in polytechnic institutes, schools and medical establishments of New Zealand.

Jivana (meaning life) has been established for people to stay, while they are monitored & supported through their personal health programs to recovery and self improvement.

Descriptions of each of these treatments is available on the 'Health Programs' page.




Sandie, and staff continue to develop their technical, artistic, and cultural awareness to facilitate health improvement programs for international and community based clients.