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Testimonials from satisfied clients

I tried Pure South Detox Clay for 60 days, taking four a day, after experiencing digestive track problems - including inflammation. The problems went away during the two months that I used the clay. When I stopped taking it the problems reoccurred. When I startedtaking it again the problems disappeared. Do I recommnd Detox Clay based on my personal experience? Yes, I do.

Ron Sloan


I first attended Yoga classes on the recommendation of a physiotherapist as being of possible benefit on the treatment of Occupational Overuse Syndrome, also known as RSI. The beneficial effects were evident from the first session onwards. My painful knotted muscles that had stubbornly refused all massage, heat and ice treatment for three years, improved dramatically and many have disappeared completely. With daily yoga at home, plus weekly classes, the huge improvements have continued.

Other benefits are a big improvement in a chronic sinus condition and likewise a digestive and intestinal disorder. Physical benefits aside, i've gained a whole new inner feeling of well being, am learning how to relax and feel I am now in control of my body. I still can't quite believe what yoga has done for me in only three months, and there is no question that it will be a part of my life from now on.

S. Dasler

I am 38 years old and 10 years ago was diagnosed with MS. I went from being able to participate in all things, to suddenly not even being able to walk properly or write. It was like being born again and learning from the beginning. I managed to get through with a lot of unwanted medication and wondering when I would have another relapse.

I decided then to try going to Jivana Health Retreat with Sandie Matthews. I have found Neurolink and taking herbal medicines made me feel like a new person. I have more energy and confidence and my mind is more settled. I have had Iridology which has made me more aware of correct eating habits for my blood group. I also find yoga to be a relaxing and rewarding thing to participate in. I really recommend this to anybody who wants to feel like a real person again.

Catramina Curtis

Dear Sandie,

I just want to let you know that yoga has made a very big difference to my health and well being. I have been practicing now about two and a half years. Prior to this I had been experiencing high blood pressure and heart flutters. I had a revved up nervous system and was taking medication to suppress and control these symptoms.

When visiting my doctor six months after taking up yoga and with no other changes to my lifestyle, he found my blood pressure was normal and I no longer needed to take the medication. I now have it checked regularly by the nurse and it has continued to be ok.

I feel in charge of my own health now and enjoy the feeling of relaxation, fitness and fun yoga has brought into my life. Thank you.

Lois Atkinson



After the death of my husband (aged 63) from cancer, I decided to try yoga therapy to help me through my grieving.

By learning and practicing correct breathing techniques I am feeling much calmer and relaxed in my mind. Also with the help of recommended herbal remedies, weekly yoga instruction and daily practice of yoga, my body is becoming less tense on a physical level.

The stiffness I have been experiencing in my muscles and joints from arthritis is easing, and I now have less pain and more freedom of movement especially in my neck.

Nadine R. Lewis

Dear Sandie

I am in my 60's and self employed doing garden and lawn maintenance. My work involves such things as digging gardens, mowing lawns, pruning trees (up and down ladders), shoveling coal, building fences, making sandpits and chopping wood.

Recently I had been getting stiff in the hip and knee joints and was having difficulty rising from a kneeling position doing gardening and this was impacting on my ability to work. My wife has such a great respose to Muscle & Joint, that I started taking them as well. Within a matter of days I noticed a big difference and I can now get up and down with no trouble. I find at the end of a hard days work, I no longer have sore joints.

Don Cameron